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Royal Biography

"Jazz, theatre, close harmony, retro and a tiny bit of feminism!''

Liesbeth Gieben
Lotte Janssen

Lotte Janssen has been securing the strong alto-base in the Royal Sisters since 2017.

Janssen is a songwriter and experienced vocal group practitioner that has been singing in vocal group One Bird Orchestra for years.
She won the Belgian Young Music Award at TAZ15 festival and has released her first EP: Growing Pains.
Lotte's experience and creative input are the cherry ontop of the great personal and musical dynamics between The Royal Sisters.

Sophie de Graaf joined the Royal Sisters in 2019 as the soprano.

Sophie has experience in singing in jazz and pop vocal groups and focussed on modern Jazz during her studies at the ArtEZ conservatory. 

She enjoys the challenging harmonies of the arrangements of the Royal Sisters and always tries to make sure to deliver the 'tiny bit of feminism' to the audience.

Sophie de Graaf

The Royal Sisters is created by mezzo Liesbeth Gieben.

Already since high school Gieben had a special love for singing together in harmony. While studying at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague she started experimenting with the presentation and music of the golden, old jazz standards. The results were innovative, daring and ''dramatic'' arrangements.

In 2015 Liesbeth found herself two musical sisters and officially named the project, since they all met at the Royal Conservatory: The Royal Sisters.


Rhythm Section:

The Royal Rhythm Section consists of these three noblemen:

Laurence Fish - Piano

The UK jazz journal describes our British pianist as a musician who plays with ''taste, feeling and finesse'' in a 4 star review of his debut album 'Sen's Fortress' by critic Mark Gardner.

Marijn van de Ven - Double bass
Marijn van de Ven graduated in 2013 cum laude at the Rotterdam Conservatory and has been working actively in the dutch and European musice scene ever since. He is known as a reliable sideman, with experience in almost every music style.

Thomas de Visser - drums
Thomas studied with some of the finest drummers in the Netherlands,
He is now known for his energy and swing. In his creative and melodic playing you can always hear his respect for the jazz tradition.


Nederlandse Press Kit

English Press Kit

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